PopUp Mob in collaboration with ANIMI, turned an old diner on Melrose Ave in Los Angeles into a pink dream for Benefit Cosmetics. A 50’s diner inspired immersive experience that delves into the beauty world of Benefit Cosmetics, complete with a soapy sink and a scooter with a sparkling sidecar. We painted almost every surface pink, built a roller-skate safe floor, wallpapered, installed neon, and completely made over this diner so girls and boys alike could get made over.


We brought a piece o London to West Hollywood for a listening party for the release of Rita Ora’s album “Phoenix”

Complete with pub decor and a piece of London vintage market charm.


The Wildheart Motel was a 21 room motel art installation, music video, and concert in Los Angeles for Miguel. Over the course of two days, visitors were able to immerse themselves in a wild, unexpected, visual journey.

A full karaoke bar, interrogation room, grotto cave, and upside down room, were among the many rooms designed from scratch. Guests and talent included Rihanna, Skrillex, Dr. Woo, and Travis Scott.

CAL JAM 2018

We created a bunch of wildly fun goodies for the Cal Jam Festival. We created 2 gigantic rainbows, one that was 80 feet wide and another that was 40 feet wide, a memorial installation for Donald Featherstone (the inventor of the pink plastic lawn flamingo), a flag field that spelled out Cal Jam, a mushroom field, and so very many rainbow extras.

Mar Vista TIME Travel MArt

Kalie Acheson threw the Time Travel Mart into a time warp, trading in its mercantile past for a newly backdated Victorian-era curiosity shop makeover.

Our temporal team traveled from Triassic to Tudor to bring you all the tried and true trinkets every time traveller needs. 


ComplexCon is an unprecedented festival and exhibition conceived to bring together pop culture, art, food, style, sports, and music. 

ANIMI created an elaborate environment with colorful lights, hand painted props, and hand-built designer furniture for interviews with industry giants. The guests included such noteworthy culture-makers as Ice Cube, The Game, Timbaland, Jesse Williams, Tony Hawk, Vince Staples, Young Guru, John Singleton, Steve Aoki.